As U.S. involvement in the once war-torn valley winds down, both the local governments and U.S. military leadership look to transition responsibility to various private military outfits.  Four of these companies have been hired to pacify the region and to compete for the long-term contract to provide military support to the local government and support U.S. interests in the region.  While these groups are competing with one another, they are encouraged to work together toward the common goal of regional stability.  The indigenous forces are expected to take advantage of this new weakness in U.S. foreign policy and attempt to turn the local populace against these new invaders.

Saturday, September 17, 2022
Harris Farm Airsoft Field is located at:  271 Buzzell Road, Dayton, Maine, United States
08:00 Parking lot opens; Participants gear up09:00 Sugar House opens for check-in, rentals, & salesThose who arrive after 9:30 a.m. may not participate.10:00 Sugar House closes; New-player orientation10:15 Gear inspected; Guns chronographed10:30 Field insertion10:45 Game briefing at MAC11:00 Startex15:00 Endex; Debriefing & Raffle at MAC
Event TypeObjectives = scoredRole-playing = heavy/encouragedTimeline = phasedRules = intermediateTrigger time = variablePhysical exertion = light
Please BUY A TICKET online in advance HERE to get into this event because our capacity is limited.
Required ItemsAdmission eTicket purchased in advanceBarrel cover on each airsoft rifleFull-seal eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a strapHard plastic/metal lower face mask for <15 yearsPortable hydration (at least 16 fluid ounces)Red rag (at least 1 square foot)Signed 2020 Waiver unless you already gave oneWristwatch with stopwatch timerDetailed Required Items linked HERE
Field RulesAge minimum = 12 yearsFPS limit = 400fps with .25s (1.86J)Bolt-action limit = 550fps w/ .25s (3.51J) & 100’ MEDFriendly fire counts.Gun hits count.Safety kills are optional.Noise grenades eliminate everyone in the same room.Explosive devices have several restrictions.More Field Rules linked HERE
Semi-Auto OnlyFull-automatic and burst-mode firing are prohibited at this event.  Only one BB is to be projected with each cycle of the trigger.However, we allow the following exceptions to this rule:
Special Hit & Respawn RulesIf you, your gun, anything you’re holding, or anything worn on your body are struck by a BB, a foam sword, or a stealth hit such as a "knife kill" (shoulder tap), then you’re immediately considered to be hit and out of play.After being hit, you’re expected to loudly call out "Hit, hit, hit!" as you pull out and wave your red rag a couple times before placing it on your head.  You want your attacker to know that they hit you so that you’ll no longer be targeted for more hits.  Close-range hits don’t require such loud acknowledgements. Stealth-hits are to be acknowledged silently by simply donning the red rag without saying “hit” or anything else.You may not shoot at or attempt to hit anyone else while you’re a hit player.  You may not communicate with live players or use radios other than to announce that you’ve been hit, request a medic, get directions, or to reveal how much time you have left before you may be respawned back in.  On the other hand, as a hit player, you may speak to other hit players about anything as long as it’s spoken quietly enough to where no live players will overhear the conversation.  Any game props that are larger/longer than a basketball must be dropped at your feet when you’re hit, but please keep your own guns and gear with you at all times.After putting on your red rag, you must sit down or kneel and start your required wristwatch timer.  Remain down and don't move for five minutes (300 seconds).  However, if you are in the line of fire, you may crawl just far enough away to get out of it.  Additional hits that you receive as a hit player don’t cause your time to reset.  During these first five minutes, you’re absolutely not allowed to stand up or respawn.After five minutes have elapsed on your timer, you may heal/respawn yourself back in at your current location by applying a special elastic bandage around your arm.  You do not need the presence or assistance of any other player in order to do this.  You will be given one bandage prior to startex.  It is recommended that you keep it wrapped around the stock of your airsoft rifle when it’s not in use around your arm.After you get hit a second time, you’ll need to go back to your faction’s command post in order to respawn yourself.  While you are at your command post, you may reset your bandage by removing it from your arm and placing it back on the stock of your gun so that you may use it again later to heal/respawn yourself.OPFOR players are allowed to reset their bandages at their assigned mission locations during the pausex time in between missions without having to go all the way to their command post.Respawn trees may not be used during this game.  There’s no need for dragging because players can heal themselves.
FactionsPlayers will be split into four Private Military Company/Contractor (PMC) squads and will compete for the future U.S. government contracts in the region.  These squads will perform various missions against an Opposing Force (OPFOR).
PMC squads
Recruitment: open to allRole: player characters (PCs)Command Post / Self-respawn: Fort HarrisDress code: camo/militaryProvided insignia: blue
Recruitment: closed (invite-only)Role: nonplayer characters (NPCs)Command Post / Self-respawn: TentsDress code: Middle Eastern civilianInsignia: gold (if dress noncompliant)
Radio CommunicationChannel 1 (462.5625 MHz) is reserved for the PMC squad leaders and communication with Game Control.  PMC squads may also use odd channels 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, & 13 for internal communication.  OPFOR may monitor all of the PMC squads’ channels but may not transmit on them.Channel 2 (462.5875 MHz) is reserved for the OPFOR and communication with Game Control.  PMC squads may monitor Channel 2 but may not transmit on it.VOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited.  Please familiarize yourself with your radio and program in its channels before arriving at the field.
ObjectivesEach PMC squad will be given a series of objectives and missions to complete.  Each squad will be scored based on its decisions and outcomes during these tasks.  PMC squads are expected to work together to accomplish goals as they face a united OPFOR.
PhasesThe missions will be broken up into four time periods.  The game will pause for squads to return to their Command Post (CP) and reset in between each phase.Phase 1:  11:15 – 12:00Phase 2:  12:15 – 13:00Phase 3:  13:15 – 14:00Phase 4:  14:15 – 15:00
Area of Operations (AO)The PMC squads will all have their CP at Fort Harris.  While this region is fairly secure, the entirety of the AO is considered potentially hostile.  OPFOR will occasionally use the Tents as a CP but are well integrated into the countryside.
For an interactive map, click HERE.
LeadershipSince you care enough about this event to have read this far down, please consider requesting a leadership role.  Details linked HERE
Raffle GiveawayIf you stay until endex, we'll give you a FREE raffle ticket and a chance to win a valuable airsoft prize.
Swap MeetYou are welcome to buy/sell/trade your airsoft equipment in and around the parking lot and staging area during the morning of this event.
Our Commitment to YouThe field managers and event producers will follow through with this operation regardless of the weather.  We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops.  Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
This event was produced by Kinky.  If you have any questions, please ask!