Please consider requesting a leadership role when you buy your ticket online:
  • Commanding Officer (CO) is the top leader of an entire faction. You should have efficient communication expertise, a strategic mind to analyze the overall situation, confident social skills, enough charisma to motivate your troops especially when morale is low, and the ability to keep your map updated so that you can accurately direct your faction's elements.

  • Executive Officer (XO) is the second-in-command of the faction. You will also need solid communication skills because you will be expected to manage several logistical duties such as keeping your squads rotated out so that they can be rested, resupplied, and ready to fight. If requested, you may need to assist your CO with strategic decision making. Most importantly, you will need to be ready to assume command of the faction if your CO becomes incapacitated. Sometimes, we allow there to be more than one XO per faction.

  • Squad Leader (SL) is in charge of a subgroup within the faction. Your squad will probably range in size from as small as a fire team of about four persons to as large as a full squad of about 12 or sometimes larger. As with all of the leadership positions, you will need strong communication skills to relay orders to your squadmates and to keep your commanders updated of your situation and enemy activity. If you don't yet know your way around the field, you should be proficient in using a map and compass. Also, it's very helpful to know about unit tactics such as flanking. If you show up with four or more friends and you're the alpha within your friend group, you might be offered "SL" patches to wear for the day even if you don't yet meet all of the requirements of being a Squad Leader.

If you're selected for any of these leadership positions, it's likely that you'll be expected to have and use a functional two-way radio with four or more watts of transmission power and over four hours of battery life. We have some loaner radios available if you don't yet have one.Those who have the most leadership skills and experience will probably be given preference for these positions especially at our larger ops, but we like to give our newer players the opportunity to try out these roles too. So, please don't hesitate to submit your leadership preferences when you buy your ticket online. Thank you for your consideration!