Set in the near-future, the United States has been reduced to a barren wasteland after being ravaged by war and famine.  As gritty survivors wrestle the odds to stay alive, a power struggle between two rising factions causes conflict in the already devastated island-territory of what was Puerto Rico.

Saturday, July 9, 2022
Harris Farm Airsoft Field is located at:  271 Buzzell Road, Dayton, Maine, United States
08:00 Parking lot opens; Participants gear up09:00 Sugar House opens for check-in, rentals, & salesThose who arrive after 9:30 a.m. may not participate.10:00 Sugar House closes; New-player orientation10:15 Gear inspected; Guns chronographed10:30 Game briefing10:45 Field insertion11:00 Startex, Phase 112:15 Phase 213:00 Phase 313:30 Phase 414:15 Phase 515:00 Endex; Debriefing & Raffle at MAC
Event TypeObjectives = not scoredRole-playing = heavy/encouragedTimeline = linear/scripted & phasedRules = intermediateTrigger time = variablePhysical exertion = moderate
Please BUY A TICKET online in advance HERE to get into this event because our capacity is limited.
Required ItemsAdmission eTicket purchased in advanceBarrel cover on each airsoft rifleFull-seal eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a strapHard plastic/metal lower face mask for <15 yearsPortable hydration (at least 16 fluid ounces)Red rag (at least 1 square foot)Signed 2020 Waiver unless you already gave oneWristwatch with stopwatch timerDetailed Required Items linked HERE
Field RulesAge minimum = 12 yearsFPS limit = 400fps with .25s (1.86J)Bolt-action limit = 550fps w/ .25s (3.51J) & 100’ MEDFriendly fire counts.Gun hits count.Safety kills are optional.Noise grenades eliminate everyone in the same room.Explosive devices have several restrictions.More Field Rules linked HERE
Semi-Auto OnlyFull-automatic and burst-mode firing are prohibited at this event.  Only one BB is to be projected with each cycle of the trigger.However, we allow the following exceptions to this rule:
Hit & Respawn Rules
Details linked HERE
Exception:  Only Survivors are allowed to respawn at respawn trees.  STL and OGRE may not respawn at respawn trees.
FactionsYour faction will be finalized on game day based on your preferences, your loadout/clothing, and our faction size goals:
Syndicate of Tomorrow's Liberty (STL)
Size goal: 20% of all attendeesFunction: guerrilla warfare, recruitmentSelf-respawn: Gully BaseCommanding Officer (CO): Toby D.Executive Officer (XO): DustySquad Leader (SL): PharmacySquad Leader (SL): ??Provided insignia: yellowRadio channel: 1 (462.5625 MHz)
Old Government Restorationist Executive (OGRE)
Size goal: 35% of all attendeesFunction: objective completion, recruitmentSelf-respawn: PrisonCommanding Officer (CO): Zach B.Executive Officer (XO): PotterySquad Leader (SL): Trevor L.Squad Leader (SL): ??Provided insignia: greenRadio channel: 2 (462.5875 MHz)
Size goal: 45% of all attendeesFunction: self-determinedSelf-respawns: Pallet Base & Wolves' DenLeadership: noneProvided insignia: purpleRadio channel: 3 (462.6125 MHz)
Radio CommunicationIf you have a two-way radio, keep it set on your faction’s radio channel.  You may monitor the other factions' channels, but do not transmit on themVOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited.  Please familiarize yourself with your radio and program in its channels before arriving at the field.
Dress CodeThere are no uniform requirements.  However, participants are encouraged to wear post-apocalyptic clothing and items.
TreasonIf you are on STL and OGRE must remain loyal to your faction and not betray them, because treason within these factions will break this game.  However, while you're a Survivor, you're not required to abide by this rule.
No Spawn-campingYou and your faction are not allowed to stalk, surround, or fire upon the enemy self-respawn location(s).  Likewise, they're not allowed to camp your self-respawn(s) either.
SituationBetween 2034 and 2039, the United States of America had been engaged in an unexpected defensive war against a rival world superpower.  The attack was aggressive, sudden, and effective.  The American military was unprepared to handle a direct attack at this magnitude, causing widespread disorganization and miscommunication.  Nearly all attacks were remotely launched and operated weapons.  By 2036, as desperate requests for humanitarian and military assistance were mysteriously and repeatedly denied or met without answer, it was apparent that this was a fight with little chance of victory.  Although no nuclear weapon use has been recorded as of this time, the country has been reduced to little more than ashes, and the total population has dropped by approximately 79%.  Organized military assets were reduced to nearly zero, and all major cities have been flattened with most survivors residing in small colonies clinging to life in more remote areas.
On October 30th, 2039, the US Government sent out a final widespread communication to its people and the world invoking ‘Failed State’ status upon itself.
The year is 2041.
The Island Territory of Puerto Rico consists of many independent survivors, some who have formed gangs or pacts in order to get by.  Violence and famine are constants here, not unlike the mainland states.  However, a rising faction by the name of Syndicate of Tomorrow's Liberty (STL) claims to strive to put an end to this by uniting the people of the island and creating a new society for the better of the many.  This group promises a brighter future but has yet to prove itself.  With relatively small numbers and limited leadership experience, their potential is anything but proven in the eyes of the people.
On the other hand, the remnants of the island’s US military forces have rallied together to form a group aimed towards restoring order and creating a firm and sturdy government.  They call themselves the Old Government Restorationist Executive (OGRE) and hope to rebuild the community in the template of the fallen United States Government.  They are generally scorned by the STL, as their goals are noble in words but often questionable in method.  They are favored by many of the people due to their visible efforts to help the general populace by creating makeshift shelters and designating areas for public agriculture.  However, rumors have been circulating of OGRE members displaying unprovoked aggression and physical violence.  Multiple disappearances of individuals speaking against OGRE have been linked to operations by this group.  Their near-authoritarian demeanor is often intimidating, but their service and efforts to rebuild are undeniable.  The rest of the people on the island are rugged Survivors who have made it this far by making friends or breaking promises.  They are the average person put to the ultimate trial or the experienced veteran doing what he knows best.Will one side convince them to join their ranks in order to guide the future of the island?  Which of the factions do they sympathize with?  Has one or the other proven themselves to be the preferred choice or just the lesser of two evils?And are they willing to die for that cause?
Phase 1 (11:00)OGRE will have a series of objectives to complete and should start these right away.  They may want to split their faction into squads in order to complete multiple objectives at once.  These objectives include item recovery, assaulting positions, capturing persons of interest, and supply transports.STL will have fewer objectives to complete than OGRE such as making a speech and spreading propaganda.  Their main goal is to use guerrilla tactics to sabotage the operations of OGRE while attempting diplomacy with SurvivorsSurvivors have a ‘free-roam’ experience during this phase and essentially may do as they please.  They can hunt other Survivors, interact with the other factions, or cause trouble.  This phase is straightforward for this faction, but they play a major role in the following phases.Rules of Engagement (ROE):  During this phase, OGRE and STL may not fire upon the Survivors unless fired upon first or directly threatened.
Phase 2 (12:15)As STL and OGRE’s struggle continues, Survivors are now given the opportunity to join either of the other factions if they wish; however, many may still decide to stay independent.  Once a Survivor joins a faction, they are ‘locked’ to it for the remainder of the day and may no longer use the Survivor self-respawn locations (Pallet Base and Wolves' Den).  To do so, they will simply approach a player on the faction they wish to join (having their weapon lowered may be wise) and ask to join.  Then, that person or someone else from that faction will bring the Survivor to the faction’s self-respawn where extra armbands of that faction will be held.  The Survivor takes off their purple band, replaces it with the respective color, should now be treated like any other member of said faction, and must use the appropriate respawn location. Survivors cannot be denied recruitment into another faction. 
Pausex (12:45)OGRE will deliver an announcement and ultimatum to the Survivors.
Phase 3 (13:00)As tensions between groups increase and Survivors are pressured to choose a side, the nature of the game will be funneled into a simple, yet crucial, battle that may, in fact, determine the future of the wasteland.
Phase 4 (13:30)A final conflict will ignite with a simple objective.  No one will be allowed to respawn in any way during this phase, and the efforts of each team during the earlier parts of the game will come to fruition.
Phase 5 (14:15)[REDACTED]
Area of Operations (AO)
For an interactive map, click HERE.
LeadershipSince you care enough about this event to have read this far down, please consider requesting a leadership role in STL or OGRE.  Details linked HERE
Raffle GiveawayIf you stay until endex, we'll give you a FREE raffle ticket and a chance to win a valuable airsoft prize.
Swap MeetYou are welcome to buy/sell/trade your airsoft equipment in and around the parking lot and staging area during the morning of this event.
Our Commitment to YouThe field managers and event producers will follow through with this operation regardless of the weather.  We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops.  Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
This event was produced by Toby Dutton.  If you have any questions, please ask!