Run with your buddies to search the area for chemical weapons while fighting off numerous threats!

Saturday, May 14, 2022
Harris Farm Airsoft Field is located at:  271 Buzzell Road, Dayton, Maine, United States
08:00 Parking lot opens; Participants gear up09:00 Sugar House opens for check-in, rentals, & salesThose who arrive after 9:30 a.m. may not participate.10:00 Sugar House closes; New-player orientation10:15 Gear inspected; Guns chronographed10:30 Faction finalization; Insignia distribution10:40 Game briefing10:55 Move to designated starting positions11:00 Startex15:00 Endex; Debriefing & Raffle at MAC
Event TypeObjectives = scoredRole-playing = lightTimeline = nonlinear/unscriptedRules = intermediateTrigger time = heavyPhysical exertion = heavy
Please BUY A TICKET online in advance HERE to get into this event because our capacity is limited.
Required ItemsAdmission eTicket purchased in advanceBarrel cover on each airsoft rifleFull-seal eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a strapHard plastic/metal lower face mask for <15 yearsPortable hydration (at least 16 fluid ounces)Red rag (at least 1 square foot)Signed 2020 Waiver unless you already gave oneWristwatch with stopwatch timerDetailed Required Items linked HERE
Field RulesAge minimum = 12 yearsFPS limit = 400fps with .25s (1.86J)Bolt-action limit = 550fps w/ .25s (3.51J) & 100’ MEDFriendly fire counts.Gun hits count.Safety kills are optional.Noise grenades eliminate everyone in the same room.Explosive devices have several restrictions.More Field Rules linked HERE
Semi-Auto OnlyFull-automatic and burst-mode firing are prohibited at this event.  Only one BB is to be projected with each cycle of the trigger.However, we allow the following exceptions to this rule:
Hit & Respawn Rules
Details linked HERE

All players will share the same five self-respawn poles located at Harris Bridge, Main Trail (halfway between Gully Base and Pallet Base), Sofa Chair, South Bridge, and Zombie Stump.  They're marked with orange crosses on the following map:
Area of Operations (AO)
For an interactive map, click HERE.
FactionsThis is a squad-based operation with several small factions, so please invite your friends to attend with you.  If you're a member of an independent airsoft team, please invite your teammates.  If you show up alone or in a tiny group, we can add you to a faction that needs more people.  Everything will be finalized on game day based on your preferences, your experience level, and our faction size goals.  We predict that the factions will range in size from 8 and 20 members based on the total turnout.  We can accommodate up to 12 different factions, and we can provide you with colored insignia if your faction doesn't already have its own.The members of each faction are required to stay together throughout the operation.  You may temporarily divide your faction to attack the same location with a base of fire element and a flanking element, but rally yourselves back together after the engagement is over.  Do not split up your faction and send members in different directions to try to cover more ground in the search for objectives.
Radio CommunicationThe primary functions of the game will take place on Channel 1 (462.5625MHz) between faction leaders and Game Control.  Do not use Channel 1 for other communications unless it is to report a real-world emergency.  Instead, you may utilize any of the other channels or your own unique frequency.VOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited.  Please familiarize yourself with your radio and program in its channels before arriving at the field.
Starting PositionsPrior to startex, each faction will be grouped together and spread out from each other right along the quarter-mile tree line that runs from the Staging Area to South Bridge.  Most factions won't have line-of-sight of the others due to trees blocking their view.  Players may cross the tree line into the AO only after startex is announced.
SituationSeveral thermodynamically stable chemical-weapons were dropped from a C-130 as it came under attack.  An unknown number of containers have landed all spread out around the AO.  Rival factions are interested in finding and reporting the coordinates of these weapons so that they can be retrieved later.

ObjectivesYour faction is tasked with combing the AO to locate and radio in more of these chemical weapons than your opponents can.  At endex, the faction that successfully calls in the most weapons will be declared the winner.  In order to accomplish this, you'll need to move around to cover a large area, so don't forget to wear your boots!Each chemical weapon will have a Baofeng radio set to Channel 1 and a code book.  Use the attached radio or your own to report your faction's name and the weapon's number which will be clearly marked on top, but do not reveal your location for your opponents to hear.  Then, Game Control will require you to confirm your coordinates by reading a specific code word from within the code book.  After Game Control acknowledges receipt of the correct code word, your faction will be awarded one point.  If you get hit before your radio exchange is completed and the point awarded, you will need to start it again after getting healed or hope that a live factionmate will be able to call it in for you.  Everyone with an internet connection may monitor the scoreboard in real time through this URL: faction may earn only one point per chemical weapon, so do not attempt to radio in the same one twice.  Also, you’re not allowed to steal, move, or try to make these weapons harder to find, such as, by covering/camouflaging them.
LeadershipSince you care enough about this event to have read this far down, please consider requesting a leadership role.  Details linked HERE
Patch GiveawayAlso, we're giving away a 2022 Harris Airsoft patch to each of the first 100 players to check in at the Sugar House on game day.
Raffle GiveawayIf you stay until endex, we'll give you a FREE raffle ticket and a chance to win a valuable airsoft prize, including a Glock 17 replica with three mags and green gas that was generously donated by Kyle Bourgault.
Swap MeetYou are welcome to buy/sell/trade your airsoft equipment in and around the parking lot and staging area during the morning of this event.
Our Commitment to YouThe field managers and event producers will follow through with this operation regardless of the weather.  We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops.  Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
This event was produced by Omego.  If you have any questions, please ask!