Saturday, May 27, 2023
Harris Farm Airsoft Field is located at:  271 Buzzell Road, Dayton, Maine, United States
08:00 Parking lot opens; Participants gear up09:00 Sugar House opens for check-in, rentals, & salesThose who arrive after 9:30 a.m. may not participate.10:00 Sugar House closes; New-player orientation10:15 Gear inspected; Guns chronographed10:30 Game briefing10:45 GI insert to Pallet Base; VC insert to Swamp Base11:00 Startex15:00 Endex; Debriefing & Raffle at MAC
Event TypeObjectives = scoredRole-playing = lightTimeline = phasedRules = intermediateTrigger time = moderatePhysical exertion = moderate
Please BUY A TICKET online in advance HERE to get into this event because our capacity is limited.
Required ItemsAdmission eTicket purchased in advanceBarrel cover on each airsoft rifleFull-seal eye protection (ANSI Z87.1) with a strapHard plastic/metal lower face mask for <15 yearsPortable hydration (at least 16 fluid ounces)Red rag (at least 1 square foot)Signed 2020 Waiver unless you already gave oneWristwatch with stopwatch timerDetailed Required Items linked HERE
Field RulesAge minimum = 12 yearsFPS limit = 400fps with .25s (1.86J)Bolt-action limit = 550fps w/ .25s (3.51J) & 100’ MEDFriendly fire counts.Gun hits count.Safety kills are optional.Noise grenades eliminate everyone in the same room.Explosive devices have several restrictions.More Field Rules linked HERE
Semi-Auto OnlyFull-automatic and burst-mode firing are prohibited at this event.  Only one BB is to be projected with each cycle of the trigger.However, we allow the following exceptions to this rule:
  • Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) replicas that were used during the Vietnam/American War such as the DSHK, M1918, M60, PK, RPD, RPK, and Stoner 63If you own an era SAW replica that you feel should be added to this list, please contact Bender for special permission before arriving at the field.
  • Pump/slide-action or lever-action guns that shoot multi-round bursts
  • BB shower shells such as Madbull
  • Mini launchers such as Zoxna
  • Double-barrel guns such as THIS when fired only in semi-auto
Special Hit & Respawn RulesPrior to startex, you will be issued two elastic respawn bandages.  Keep them in a safe place like a closed pocket so that they don't get lost.During the game, if you, your gun, anything you’re holding, or anything worn on your body are struck by a BB, a foam sword, or a stealth hit such as a "knife kill" (shoulder tap), then you’re immediately considered to be hit and out of play.  Unlike most other games, during this one, grenades that only emit noise do not cause you to be hit even if they land within the room or fortification that you're in.  Only a gas- or pyro-powered fragmentation grenade can cause you to be hit if a projectile from it strikes you such as from a TAG-67, EG67, ASG Storm, or Tornado 2.  Spring-powered fragmentation grenades are useless during this game because they are too quiet.After being hit, you’re expected to loudly call out "Hit, hit, hit!" as you pull out and wave your red rag a couple times before placing it on your head.  You want your attacker to know that they hit you so that you’ll no longer be targeted for more hits.  Close-range hits don’t require such loud acknowledgements. Stealth-hits are to be acknowledged silently by simply donning the red rag without saying “hit” or anything else.You may not shoot at or attempt to hit anyone else while you’re a hit player.  You may not communicate with live players or use radios other than to announce that you’ve been hit, request a medic, get directions, or to reveal how much "bleed out" time you have left as described below.  On the other hand, as a hit player, you may speak to other hit players about anything as long as it’s spoken quietly enough to where no live players will overhear the conversation.  Any game props that are larger/longer than a basketball must be dropped at your feet when you’re hit, but please keep your own guns and gear with you at all times.After putting on your red rag, you must remain in place and start your required wristwatch timer.  If you are in the line of fire, you may move just far enough away to get out of it.  You may call “medic” to let the people around you know that you’re ready to be respawned back into the game.  Any live player may respawn you, but they must come to you first.  The respawn is performed by the live player putting one of your bandages on your arm.  If no one bandages you within 15 minutes after you got hit, you are considered to have "bled out" and must respawn yourself at your Command Post (CP) as described below.  Sometimes there may be no hope of anyone coming to bandage you back in, and you don’t want to wait the full 15-minute "bleed out" time.  If this happens, you always have the option to give up and respawn at your CP, but you’re locked into this option once you start moving there.Also, you may never have more than two bandages at a time on your arm which is commensurate to having three lives:life → bandage → life → bandage → lifeWhen you get hit after that, you must go back to your CP to respawn, reset your bandages, and restart this cycle over again.  To reset your bandages at your CP, simply take them off of your arm and put them back in your pocket.Respawn trees may not be used during this game.  If you have lost your bandages and still want to get bandaged back in, you will need to borrow bandages from friends which will leave them short.  VC will have different respawn rules during Phase 1 as described below.
FactionsYour faction will be finalized on game day based on your preferences, your experience level, your friend group, any local airsoft team affiliation that you may have, and our faction size goals:
"GI" (anti-communists)United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Vietnam, etc.
Recruitment: open to allSize goal: 50% of all attendeesCommand Posts: Pallet Base & South BridgeProvided insignia: greenRadio channel: 1 (462.5625 MHz)
"VC" (communists)North Vietnam, Viet Cong, GRUNK, Pathet Lao, Khmer Rouge, etc.
Recruitment: open to allSize goal: 50% of all attendeesCommand Post: Logger's EntranceProvided insignia: yellowRadio channel: 2 (462.5875 MHz)
Radio CommunicationIf you have a two-way radio, keep it set on your faction’s radio channel.  You may not monitor or transmit on the other faction's channel.  VOX mode, hot mic-ing, and channel jamming are all prohibited.  Please familiarize yourself with your radio and program in its channels before arriving at the field.
Dress CodeThis is not a strict reenactment.  Most participants will show up with modern camo/clothing and equipment.  If you have a somewhat authentic-looking outfit, you are welcome to wear it, but everyone will be provided highly visible insignia to wear throughout the operation.  If you'd like to be more authentic, the event producer has created some basic kit guides for each faction with GI linked HERE and VC linked HERE.
No Spawn-campingYou and your faction are not allowed to stalk, surround, or fire upon the enemy Command Post (CP).  Likewise, they're not allowed to camp your CP either.
Phase 1: Attack & Defend (11:00—12:00)GI will start from their CP at Pallet Base and attack their first objective located east of Swamp Base and heavily defended by VCTo destroy each objective, GI must do all of the following:
  • Light the fuse to detonate the charge.
  • Throw the enemy flag on the ground.
  • Use the attached radio to announce the name of the location that was destroyed.

GI must destroy this objective before going within 150' of Harris Bridge and Leroy's Bridge.
VC have special respawn rules (similar to Defender Fallback) that they will use only during this phase.  Instead of using bandages after getting hit, VC will immediately run to the next objective that they must defend and respawn themselves when they arrive there.  Then, they must stay within 150 feet of it until they are hit again.
GI may attack Harris Bridge after destroying the one near Swamp Base.  Still, they must stay at least 150 feet away from Leroy's Bridge.  After destroying Harris Bridge, GI may attack Leroy's Bridge which is their final objective during this phase.
After Leroy's Bridge is destroyed or if hit while defending it, VC must go to Logger's Entrance to respawn themselves and wait for the next phase to begin.  GI must rally at their new CP at South Bridge after destroying Leroy's Bridge.
Each objective destroyed before 12:00 will earn 30 minutes for GI.  Each undestroyed objective will earn 30 minutes for VC.
For an interactive map, click HERE.
1st Pausex (12:00—12:15All GI are to rally at South Bridge while all VC are to rally at Logger's Entrance for mission briefings.
Phase 2: Linear Conquest (12:15—14:00)Each faction will race to capture control sites starting with the one nearest their CP and extending to the next farther out along the arrow lines shown on the following map.  Control sites must be captured in order without skipping any.  After a control site is captured, it may not be captured by the opposing faction for at least five minutes even if it is surrounded by that opposing faction.  Omego will track the five minutes and announce when the site is available to be captured.To capture a control site, you must throw your enemy’s flag on the ground and replace it with your own as shown HERE.  There’s no limit to the number of times that the flags may be flipped on a control site, but you’re not allowed to steal or hide the flags.In order to begin accruing minutes for your faction on the control site that you just captured, you must also use the Baofeng radio that is located at the control site to notify Omego of the flip.  Any delay in radioing the flip will delay the accrual of minutes.  Each faction’s minute accrual will be started and stopped on Omego’s smart phone.  Everyone with an internet connection may monitor the scoreboard in real time through this URL:
Phase 2.1: Asset Management (13:00—13:45)At 13:00, a special-selected small force of GI will need to recover an asset from [REDACTED] and deliver it to [REDACTED].  They should move with care because a selected force of VC will be in the area.  VC are not allowed to touch, hide, or move the asset.Successful delivery of the asset before 13:45 will earn 60 minutes for GI.  Failure will earn 60 minutes for VC.
For an interactive map, click HERE.
2nd Pausex (14:00—14:15All GI are to rally at South Bridge while all VC are to rally at MAC for mission briefings.
Phase 3: Redacted (14:15—15:00)Noise grenades can’t kill.NiceTryhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
GoalThe faction that earned the most minutes by endex will be declared the winner according to the score linked HERE.
LeadershipSince you care enough about this event to have read this far down, please consider requesting a leadership role.  Details linked HERE
Raffle GiveawayIf you stay until endex, we'll give you a FREE raffle ticket and a chance to win a valuable airsoft prize.
Swap MeetYou are welcome to buy/sell/trade your airsoft equipment in and around the parking lot and staging area during the morning of this event.
Our Commitment to YouThe field managers and event producers will follow through with this operation regardless of the weather.  We are fully committed to delivering everything that we advertise and greatly respect the sacrifices that you make in order to attend our ops.  Your opinions and improvement ideas are valuable to us, so please share them.
This event was produced by Bender.   If you have any questions, please ask!