We give you one XP (experience point) for each event that you attend at our field. For example, you will have earned 12 XP after attending 12 of our events. We've kept meticulous attendance records since 2014. If you’ve earned at least 5 XP, we will allow you to wear one of our handmade pins that denotes your XP level:
Please consider your XP pin to be the property of Harris Field and take care to avoid losing it. Please pin it on your upper body (collar, chest, anterior shoulder, or hat) so that it's less likely to get torn off while running through the woods. Our XP pins now have velcro on the back for additional grip if you have velcro:
Please wear your XP pin proudly and be helpful to less experienced players who may see it and want to ask you questions about the field rules, locations, tactics, and such. These pins come in increments of 5, so please trade yours in for the next higher-numbered pin when you reach that tier. If you'd like to know your current XP level, please ask Omego.