If you, your gun, anything you’re holding, or anything worn on your body are struck by a BB, then you’re immediately considered to be hit and out of play.  Knife kills are currently prohibited due to COVID-19.After being hit, you’re expected to loudly call out "Hit, hit, hit!" as you pull out and wave your red rag a couple times before placing it on your head.  You want your attacker to know that they hit you so that you’ll no longer be targeted for more hits.You may not shoot at or attempt to hit anyone else while you’re a hit player.  You may not communicate with live players or use radios other than to announce that you’ve been hit, request a medic, get directions, or to reveal how much time you have left before you may be respawned back in.  On the other hand, as a hit player, you may speak to other hit players about anything as long as it’s spoken quietly enough to where no live players will overhear the conversation.  Any game props that are larger/longer than a basketball must be dropped at your feet when you’re hit, but please keep your own guns and gear with you at all times.
After putting on your red rag, you must sit down or kneel and start your required wristwatch timer.  Remain down and don't move for three minutes (180 seconds).  However, if you are in the line of fire, you may crawl just far enough away to get out of it.  Additional hits that you receive as a hit player don’t cause your time to reset.  During these first three minutes, you’re absolutely not allowed to stand up or respawn.
After three minutes have elapsed on your timer, you may choose between waiting for someone to respawn you in your current location or standing up and moving to respawn using either the self-respawn-pole method or the tree method described below.  Waiting is recommended if live friendly players are nearby and can reach you safely.  Moving is recommended if enemies have overrun your location or if your live buddies have moved out of the area.  You may wait for as long as you like before choosing to move.  But, once you choose to start moving, you may not sit back down to wait for someone to respawn you there.
If you chose to wait in place, you must remain seated, and you may shout “medic yes” to let the people around you know that you’re ready to be respawned back into the game.  Any live player may respawn you, but they must come to you first.  The respawn is performed by the live player tapping the sole of your footwear with the sole of their footwear while keeping the faces as far apart as possible.  Then, you remove your own red rag from your head and put it back into your pocket.  If you don’t feel comfortable being close enough to tap soles, please respawn using either of the alternative methods described below.
If you chose to stand and move, you may respawn yourself at your faction’s self-respawn pole by simply removing your own red rag when you get there.  Or, you may also get respawned by a live player at a respawn tree as described below.As a moving hit player, don’t go near enemies or their control sites because you don’t want to be accused of cheating by performing reconnaissance.  Also, never enter any structures or fortifications as a moving hit player.  Likewise, as a live player, don’t follow your hit enemies around the field in an attempt to prevent them from respawning.You are not invincible while maintaining contact with your self-respawn pole; however, spawn-camping is strongly discouraged.
If you chose to stand and move, you may also get back into the game by finding a live player who is willing to go with you to a respawn tree that is safely far enough away from enemy fire.  You may need to spectate for a while if your live buddies are engaged in a firefight and unable to help you, but stay out of the way so that you’re not blocking shots or providing cover to any live players.  Respawn trees are marked with a band of red & white tape that may only be repositioned by event staff.  Their locations are marked with red dots on the map linked HERE with several that can be easily found by walking along the main trails.  As soon as the hit player and the live player arrive at the tree, they must each have one foot touching opposite sides of the base of the tree trunk, and the respawn is performed by the hit player removing their own red rag.
Drag RulesDragging is currently prohibited due to COVID-19.